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Updated: May 9

More than 10% of all man-made carbon emissions can be attributed to our lavish consumption of clothing. The lifecycle of over 85% of all textiles we produce so resource intensively is shorter than one year - We believe that should be different.

Due to the nature of the competition, many teams including us, are forced to resort to single-use apparel, to display the newest sponsors, the most recent team colors, and of course to stand out.

Leading up to our national finals we took a step in the right direction, we designed and commissioned a hoodie not to fulfill expectations on competition day, but to last.

One year later I wear mine regularly still.

But we decided a step wasn't enough, we needed to take a leap.

For the past few months, we have been working on an assortment of sustainably sourced apparel, with the goal to be fashionable while also being ethically sourced and long-lasting. All clothing is produced from 100% sustainably managed Bio-Cotton

As of now, the collection is comprised of a hoodie, a dad cap, and a windbreaker jacket, but in the future, we might look into expanding it further!

Besides equipping our team members, we reserved a small sample lot to sell commercially, with a small profit going towards compensation for our CO2 footprint.

Aiding us on this venture is our newest sponsor 'Reikatex'. Reikatex is a local family-owned business specializing in textile print, we've been able to learn a lot about clothing, printing, as well as supply chain management from them.

Be sure to stay up to date by following us on social media, we will be posting a lot more content with the new apparel soon!

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