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Sonic Boom presents their new CAD-Engineer

As a team of five, Sonic Boom has been looking to fill an open spot for a while now. Seeing as they wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to improve their productivity as a team.

(Jannis Gordziel)

“Jannis is a valuable asset to the team and will help us reach the maximum potential for our World Championship car” says Anas, Teammanager of Sonic Boom.

Jannis proved his competence on numerous occ

asions with “Hyper Frog Racing” and “Team Beyond”. Together with his team he was able to secure the regional championship title twice in a row, as well as develop the second fastest car for the German national finals in 2020. Coming in at only 0.001s away from the fastest car award, Jannis was especially proud of his last achievements with “Team Beyond”.

"With only two years of experience in the competition we were able to compete on the same level with teams that were more than six years in the game” says the new CAD Designer of Sonic Boom.

Sonic Boom will now be representing two different schools across Germany, as Jannis is a student from Grootmoor school in Hamburg.

“Jannis has been with the team for a few months now. The progress we made in engineering since then, has been outstanding.” says Florian, Sonic Boom’s senior CAD-Designer.

(from left to right: Florian, Jannis, Jakob and Lukas getting ready for the shooting)

After meeting at the German national finals we kept in touch to discuss our engineering and exchange ideas for the upcoming world championship, with his vastly different experiences at the competition he quickly became indispensable not only to our engineers but the whole team. “I’ve talked with Team Sonic Boom frequently in online-meetings about their work and shared experiences with Flo, the designer. We also talked about my dream of competing in a world championship." reports the new 18-year-old Sonic Boom designer. This dream will now come true for Jannis as he will be giving everything together with the team, to bring the title to Germany.

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