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Ansys provided us with professional software for simulating our cars in a virtual wind tunnel. Together with their partner CADFEM, we are able to create simulations, helping us extract the most out of our design and hopefully build a championship-winning car. We are constantly striving for perfection which is why Ansys is the optimal partner to help us overcome the aerodynamical challenges we face when designing our world finals car.

The complexity of Ansys which at the same time makes it one of the most capable tools in CFD simulation is challenging in the beginning. However, with the Ansys distributor, CADFEM at our side familiarizing with the software was quite convenient. Their beginner's course covered all the important basics of Ansys fluent. You can check it out if you're interested. It's free for university students!

We are happy to have such valuable partners for the world finals. Stay tuned for content after the competition, where we will be explaining how exactly we used Ansys to optimize the aerodynamics of our car!

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