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We are Team Sonic Boom

We are six boys from the "Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium" Fuerstenfeldbruck and "Gymnasium Grootmoor" in Hamburg. This season, we participate for the fourth time in the competition Formula 1 in Schools. We are the 2020 german champions!

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Top, from left to right: Anas Izaaryene, Jannis Gordziel, Jakob Rauh, Adrian Lübeck
Bottom, from left to right: Florian Wolf, Lukas Kottenhahn



Bavarian Regionals:

1st place (Junior)

German Nationals:

8th Place (Junior)


Bavarian Regionals:

1st place (Senior)

German Nationals:

6th Place (Senior)


Bavarian Regionals:

1st place (Junior)

German Nationals:

Runner up (Junior)


Bavarian Regionals:
1st place (Senior)
German Nationals:
1st Place (Senior)


The Challenge

Formula 1 in Schools is a multidisciplinary, international technology competition in which students design, build and then race a miniature Formula 1 racing car on a 20m long track.

Corporate Identity
A graphic concept is important for every medium. Therefore, a well-thought-out corporate identity must be in place for successful participation. In the course of the competition, students will therefore learn the basics of graphic design


Research and Development

Central point of the competition is designing and manufacturing a racing car that can cover the 20-meter long straight track as quickly as possible. Students learn how to use CAD software. In this way, the students also familiarize themselves with a wide range of physical areas.


Team management

Through close cooperation, the team members learn the basics of team management. They learn how to manage the challenges of time, finances, resources and risk. They also imply methods commonly used in companies, such as Gantt charts and risk matrices.



Competition elements such as portfolio, presentation and exhibition stand give students a professional understanding of marketing and public relations. Students also learn how to market themselves by using a website and social media.

Our schools

For the world finals we're taking part as a team from two differents schools, which are the "Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium" in Fuerstenfeldbruck and the "Gymnasium Grootmoor" in Hamburg



Fuerstenfeldbruck is the home of most of the team members. In the "Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium" our jorney as a team started



After the German championship, our team has gained a new member from Hamburg. Our designer goes to school at the Gymnasium Grootmoor Hamburg. A significant part of our engineering therefore takes place in Hamburg.

German National Champions!

Short Comment



We won the german nationals! The Highlight-Video can be found on the right side. If you don't want to miss the newest updates on our team subscribe to our newsletter!


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